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Singing Lessons - Affordable Voice Lessons Training!

Featuring the 8-minute Fast & Funky Vocal Exercise Routine


Perfect for Beginners, Elementary Class Music, Karaoke Singers. Professional or Working Singers this program benefits you too, read below to learn how!

Teachers, losing your voice? Use this in the morning before class or on your way to work. It won't take long for you to notice the difference, plus it's FAST, FUN and EASY!

Looking for more interactive training with a web console? You might want to purchase this program from the A2Z Smart Music Academy™.

Singing Lessons Technique and Method
Affordable Singing Lessons is a SingSMART Not Hard™
Vocal Training Tool


If you have always wanted a FAST, FUN, EASY and AFFORDABLE way to LEARN TO SING BETTER, you have finally come to the right place! These singing lessons are so simple and straight forward that EVERYONE loves them.

Plus it comes in so many formats, that no matter how you prefer to learn, it's got you covered no matter how you prefer to learn. You can read the book or get more interactive with the software. You can exercise your voice using individual exercises as explained or the provided Fast & Funky Vocal Warmup. This program has a lot of bang for just a few bucks!


Who Should Use

Singing Lessons for BeginnersKIDS & ADULT BEGINNERS

Kids and Adult Beginner Singers will find AFFORDABLE SINGING LESSONS easy to use right from the get go!

With its simple instructions and lack of extra fluff, you get JUST the RIGHT AMOUNT of information without being bogged down by too many details. Learn vocal tips and singing secrets you absolutely must understand to become the best singer you can be; AND it walks you through exercises to get there. Along with learning the very foundations of singing well, you can also jump right ahead of many more advanced singers by learning how to read music, understanding key signatures and the basics of music theory.

The included vocal exercise routine, The Fast & Funky Vocal Warmup (8.5 Minutes) is a perfect daily routine to warm-up your voice and improve your vocal skills. If you are a beginner and not sure...remember, it takes REPETITION of specific actions to achieve balanced vocal coordination. Since beginners and kid singers are not really known for focusing on long extended warm-up routines....the FAST and FUNKY ROUTINE is PERFECT to get you headed in the right direction, protect your voice (would you run a marathon without stretching?), and also put a SMILE on your face while your doing it. How does it do that??? Easy....It's fun!

Singing Lessons forWorking SingersWORKING SINGERS with no singing lesson experience.

So you have a natural talent and you have never had singing lessons, but something has brought you here seeking singing information? This course is probably a perfect place for you to start. It quickly and easily walks you through a process known as the 10 Steps to Singing Success™. The concepts will give you a lot to think about as you connect the dots between what you do now and the information presented in this general overview of how the vocal instrument works (how your body creates tones). Analyzing yourself closely during each lesson will help you identify your own personal strengths and challenges.

It also has a basic section on music theory in case you find yourself in a recording studio staring at sheet music and have no idea what to do. This course will get you started in the right direction, without overwhelming you with too much information.

If you have never exercised your voice and have no idea how to begin, this is a great place to start. If you challenge yourself to do the included vocal exercise every morning and prior to your performances you will notice a huge difference in your stamina and vocal precision! When you are ready to graduate to a more advanced routine, check out your options with the library of SingSMART™ Vocal Training Tools.

Singing Lessons forAdvanced SingersADVANCED SINGERS with some voice lesson experience.

As a SingSMART™ Vocal Training Tool, Advanced and Professional Singers find themselves keeping the Affordable Singing Lessons Handbook in their gig bag.

With regard to VOCAL PRODUCTION it provides easy-to-read reminders of the all-important singing basics. These reminders of how to achieve balanced and coordinated actions with your vocal instrument can be life-on-the-stage-saving when you find yourself having a "bad vocal day". In addition to that valuable information, the section on VOCAL RANGES, KEY SIGNATURES, HOW TO READ MUSIC and other pertinent MUSIC THEORY information singers should know, provides an excellent on-site reference tool when needed.

The included vocal exercise routine, The Fast & Funky Vocal Warmup (8.5 Minutes) is a fun, fast and effective way to warm up when there is not enough time to do a longer, more advanced routine. Some singers choose to do it twice, and that is twice as good for your voice!

Teaching Singing LessonsDO YOU TEACH MUSIC, VOICE or CHOIR?

Teachers everywhere love the AFFORDABLE SINGING LESSONS course for so many reasons, from Day Care to High School. This jam packed course provides a simple straight-forward lesson plan for classes focusing on teaching singing.

Struggling with short music class times? This course can help! The most popular and recommended scenario for effective CLASSROOM or STUDIO USE is to:

  • Focus on a single singing concept to start class;
  • Do the Fast & Funky Vocal Warmup as a group exercise, while focusing on the concept just covered;
  • Apply and focus as much as you can on the new concept during your class performance practice.

Each concept will build a good vocal instrument foundation throughout your training, when you get to the end...start over again. The singing skill presented will increase with each lesson repetition! It's that easy.

Teachers of YOUNG CHILDREN particularly enjoy this course as a healthy way to begin kids singing instead of "screaming". The Lesson Plan can easily be followed for appropriate age comprehension and the Fast & Funky Group Activity is always a big hit.

Teachers looking for DETAILED singing lesson or class voice plans, please visit the A2Z Smart Music Academy for additional options.

Karaoke Singing LessonsKARAOKE SINGERS

This singing lessons program is the perfect choice for singers that step out of the shower and onto the karaoke stage!

Learn easy and simple facts about singing that will transform your singing voice overnight, and learn a warm-up that will help you prepare for an outstanding karaoke performance! Many karaoke singers put it in their car and warm-up on the way to the show...but please make driving your first priority if you are behind the wheel!

Its fast, it's funky and it works!


Protect your voice from hoarseness by warming up your voice every morning before getting started. Use this warm-up in the car on the way to work and you (and your audience) will notice a difference. Protect your money making asset with qualified guidance and vocal strengthening through simple education and exercise.

Vocal Class Instructions for Actors and Voice-Over ArtistsACTORS and VOICE-OVER ARTISTS

Be prepared from the first line with proper vocal projection AND inflection. Warm-up your voice to make sure you make the proper first impression. Remember...start strong. You can never take back a first impression.

Voice Lessons for Elderly - Strengthen Your VoiceELDERLY - IS YOUR VOICE GETTING WEAKER?

As we get older, muscles that are not used and properly exercised begin to atrophy and get lazy. This results in loss of voice quality and the ability to create any significant volume, even for a standard speaking tone. Protect yourself from this loss of voice, and unwanted raspiness or wavering tone, by educating yourself about your body (vocal instrument) AND by exercising your voice with the included FUN vocal exercise routine regularly. Back to the top.


Vocal Instruction for CheerleadersCHEERLEADERS, losing your voice?

If you are a cheerleader then you are most likely going to abuse and lose your voice at some point during your spirit leader career. Learn to properly create sound and amplify your voice in order to protect your vocal membranes. Cheerleading doesn't have to damage your voice, or even be a strain...if you are SMART about your vocal production. This easy to understand course is a great place to start!


As with all Sing Smart, Not Hard™ vocal training products, you get A LOT more than you pay for. The program includes easy to follow sections, packed with information every singer should know (but often times were never told):

with Download Privileges includes :

WebBook w/ Audio
Affordable Singing Lessons WebBook with Audio

2.0 Software
Affordable Singing Lessons Software 2.0

1.0 Software (provided by popular demand, preferred by Elementary Music Teachers)
Affordable Singing Lessons Software 1.0

Fast & Funky Karaoke-Style Exercise (audio, instructions and software version)
The instructions appear on the screen at the exact right time - Vocal Exercise Karaoke-Style!
Karaoke Style Fast & Funky Vocal Exercise Routine

And you can print the book too!
Affordable Singing Lessons Handbook

With your download you also get ONE FREE YEAR's ACCESS to the Online Version at the A2Z Smart Music Academy. This makes it easy to access your vocal training from any SMART device.

Here are just some of the SINGING LESSONS you will find in this FUN and AFFORDABLE vocal introduction course:

Quickstart - Dos & Don'ts

Singing Lessons

  • Vocal Production Basics
  • Get Rid of Tension
  • Learn to Breathe for Singing
  • Diaphragm Conditioning
  • Singing Through the Break
  • Determine Your Range
  • Vocal Resonance
  • Humming
  • The Vocal Mask
  • Singing Scales & Octaves
  • Additional Practice Suggestions

Music Theory

  • How to Read Music
  • The Piano Keyboard
  • What is a Key Signature?
  • What is an Octave?
  • What is an Interval?
  • What is a Scale?

Vocal Register & Piano Diagram

See how the piano keyboard, music notes on a grand staff and voice ranges all tie together in this simple, yet informative diagram.

Valuable reference for determining written notes on music, as well as where they fall on the piano keyboard. Studio singers that don't know how to read music find this diagram extremely helpful in on-site recording situations.

Fast & Funky 8.5 Minute Karaoke Style - Contemporary Vocal Warmup

This fun vocal training exercise takes you from breathing to full scales in a contemporary fashion that is sure to lift mental attitude as well.

The exercise is provided onscreen for computer use but is also provided as an .mp3 for you to save to CD or your player for warmups away from your computer!



Ask Vocal Coach Your Singing QuestionsDear Friends,

have taught thousands of singers in many different situations, but have heard one wish from all of them....an easy way to warm up their voice. Being a performer myself, I must admit I shared that wish...especially when I was in a pinch for time. The Fast & Funky Vocal Warmup is a particular SingSMART™ Vocal Training Tool designed to accomplish just that. While originally the design was intended for younger ages, it turns out that singers of all ages love it.

In addition, so many students and singers have informed me that after years of private lessons and choir experiences, they never truly learned how to sing...only mimic the director or teacher. Learn the basic facts about your singing voice with this program and hear INSTANT IMPROVEMENT....FAST.

SINGcerely and SingSMARTly,

Vocal Coach Yvonne DeBandi, BME
A2Z Smart Music Academy



"I always thought I knew how to breathe right for singing, but I learned some new tips that made a big difference in my breath control." divagirl, CT

"I bought this program two weeks ago and began using it right away. My last couple of nights singing karaoke my friends have really complimented on my improvement....even strangers are making a point to tell me they liked my performance. Thanks!" Heidi, NY

"I'm a teacher and I seem to have a real problem by the winter months with my throat getting dry and hurting by the end of the day. I started doing this program on my way to work as recommended and I have noticed a huge difference!" S.A., TN

"My acting professor told me I needed to work on vocal projection and even lost a couple of parts because I couldn't get my voice out to the audience without significant amplification. The Fast & Funky warmup has helped me strengthen my diaphragm and it worked! I just got a leading role in my school's next production!!!" Lisa, PA

"I'm a professional singer that sings a variety of club gigs every week. I've tried a lot of different ways to warm-up my voice but wanted to share that this program is the fastest and easiest method I have ever used. It's perfect for me." Crystal, FL


Learn How to Sing with Affordable Online Singing Lessons

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